Altruistic Compassion

“Play with strangers if people are watching you.”

That quote, which I just read, is about as obscure as 2021 was for me.

2021 was an obscure year for me, but there’s some sweet delight in obscurity, so I won’t mind the obscurity continuing into 2022.

However the year 2021 was also full of pain for me.

Almost too much pain to take.

So I am hoping for a much less painful year in 2022. And I’ll do everything in my power to assist.

And if I were to give any advice to anyone, it would be to try to enhance your capacity for compassion toward others.

True, altruistic compassion, holds weapons grade healing powers.

Fill the atmosphere with compassion.

Share compassion between our fellow passengers, all just trying to get through this journey we call life.

I’ve never been lonelier in my life.

I’m at an all time low.

But every now and then I get served a little altruistic compassion, and just like that I feel a little hope float through my soul.

Altruistic compassion.

That shit saves lives.

Be good to you.


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