Piece of Shit Something

I have had a moderate to severe migraine for over a month now.

Can barely open my eyes, the pain when I do, soaring to the nerve centre of my brain and tripling the pain.

I’ve so badly wanted to write a blog post, but opening eyes, reading or writing text is debilitating.

I need to do something, and want to share my thoughts and experiences on so many different topics, but this migraine is kicking my arse.

So here is my something.

It’s a piece of shit something. But it’s a something.

Here is my first in a while piece of shit something blog post which, no matter how much it sucks, is SOMETHING.

I will go to sleep tonight feeling the satisfaction of knowing that I actually got my piece of shit something done. Finished. Written. Published.

I know that no-one will read it, but I will also know that I wrote and finished it.

Stopping now.

Zoe xxx

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