#tb and #goals 💓

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of the fight I’m in right now and the fight that I have ahead of me, in order to get some kind of a life back.

I see photos like this one (below), from before my health spiral/degeneration, and it’s a bittersweet feeling that surrounds me.

But ultimately I can either choose to find hope and hold onto it with all my might, or give up.

And I suppose in a twisted way, it’s the knowledge I have of where I’ll end up if I don’t keep going, keep clinging to the search for hope, believing I’ll find it someday and believing that I am strong enough to make it through this reconditioning-storm, that keeps me headed in that direction.

Sometimes you’ve gotta see how bad it could get before you understand the changes you have to make in order to not end up in that worst case scenario.

I fully understand how lucky I am that I CAN see that other path. That I do FEEL I have a choice.

I haven’t always felt that way.

Much love 🌈💜✌🏼

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