Age Doesn’t Have To Be A Thing


I know I’m no beacon of light or possibilities to anyone. But if maybe, just MAYBE, by being loud and proud about getting my first electric guitar in my 40’s, someone somewhere out there might just not feel so embarrassed about deciding to chase a passion or an almost forgotten dream, no matter what their age!

I feel like a complete outsider to this world of guitar playing and songwriting. I feel embarrassed about learning guitar at this age and I feel ridiculous about writing songs at this age, too.

Some of that is due to the restrictions my health complexities put on me, but also just that I don’t fit the traditional stereotype of the young, beautiful, talented up-and-comers, that fill the music sector of IG.

I feel like I’ve got this huge crush on all the talent and ability that I see in all these beautiful guitar playing videos and these soul-moving lyrics/songs I see pouring out of all you amazing artists out there. And I’m constantly waiting for the crush to reject me.

I love you all, you all inspire me and I’m continually surprised by the moments of sheer blissful whispering, it sounds like your music is making. So thank you for bringing that magic to the table.

I’m just a 41yr old dudette. Beginner guitar student. Beginner songwriter, who doesn’t quite fit the look. And guess what?

The amazing fact is that starting out so late, for me, means I’m heading fast towards the ‘give no fucks’ stage of life. And I hold onto that.

So I do what I do now. And I try to not get too down on myself for my music and songwriting journey being so much slower out of the gates – and just so much slower on the daily.

And I focus on my love for what I’m doing. .

So keep focusing on the parts of your life you love, and try not to slip into the cracks of embarrassment or why-the-fuck-am-I-trying-to-do-this-torturously-difficult-thing-at-THIS-fucking-age?

ENJOY! Whoever, whatever and whichever age you’re at.


Have a wonderful day/night/moment.

Z 💜✌🏻

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