Everything Has a Beginning…

This blog is no exception to that rule, needs her own beginning, so I’m starting now.

My name is Zoë. I am not a thing, like a florist or a teacher etc. But I have done many things.

I lived my whole life, a staggering 38 years, with ebbing and flowing ill health. Lots of illness. Unexplainable illness. Lots of doctor/specialist appointments. Lots of people doubting me. Lots of doctors suggesting it was all in my head, which lead to me seeing one of the best psychiatrists in the country for a few months (and he declared that I was a well adjusted human who was in a lot of discomfort). Lots of my peers not believing me and laughing at me for having unexplainable joint pains, that at times required me to use crutches.

Lots of not fun times.

I also had fun times, don’t get me wrong, but the illness induced not fun times were far too frequent for what I believe any child should have to experience.

I’ve had a lot of time to think a lot about living with chronic illnesses, during a shockingly bad illness flare (or decline — we’re not quite sure yet). And I feel the need to open thee discussion, or maybe just share my thoughts and experiences on that very topic.

So, that’s what this blog is starting as. Most blogs (that are committed to by their authors), seem to shift in content subject somewhat during their blog-life, so I won’t promise anything other than that what I have said I want to write about, is currently what I want to write about.

My main hope is to just shine some light on what life is like when living with debilitating chronic invisible conditions, in a society that tends to value healthy, strong people, over those with illness — who too often, seem to appear weak in both mind and body.

I feel there is a sigma around people who have chronic illnesses, and I’d like to begin to break that stigma down, let people into the experience of what I it feels like, and maybe create more inclusion into society for those with chronic illnesses and less isolation and loneliness.

So that’s it. That’s this blog’s beginning.

Cheers, guys. Hope you have some awesome moments!

Zoe xxx

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